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Propel Launches Propel 7 to Help Laptop Users Manage Mobile Data Caps

Cloud-based optimization service delivers data savings up to 80%.


San Jose, Calif. – March 8, 2012 Propel Software Corporation, the leading provider of data saving solutions, announced today the launch of Propel® 7, the latest version of its data saving and Internet acceleration service. The Propel 7 service features powerful compression and data metering, giving Windows laptop users the ability to save data when browsing or roaming on 3G and 4G mobile networks.

Leveraging client-to-cloud technology, Propel 7 is architected to deliver maximum data savings and performance on all mobile broadband connections. Improved data compression technology delivers up to 80% savings on most types of Web content, allowing users to browse more without exceeding their data cap.  Additionally, Propel 7 software provides a speed boost for users who are browsing on congested networks or who are in marginal signal areas. Propel 7 for Windows laptops and Ultrabook™ devices is available for immediate download at

“In total, laptop users consume twice as much data as smartphones.  There are 94 million laptops on mobile networks globally using 159 million GB of data each month”, said Mike Samboy, Propel VP of Sales and Marketing.  “Users need relief from data caps, overage fees and high roaming charges, and mobile operators need a method for effectively delivering all of this traffic.  Propel 7 offers a simple, elegant solution for both.”

Propel 7 software is especially useful to laptop users roaming internationally.  It reduces the amount of data needed to download photos, text, email, and other common Web content by up to 80%, allowing roaming users to stay connected while minimizing expensive international roaming charges.

The new version of Propel software offers mobile operators and Internet service providers an easy-to-deploy solution that works within their existing network infrastructure to help minimize bandwidth consumption and improve their users’ Internet experience. Propel offers service providers both cloud and premises-based solutions to meet any network needs. 

About Propel
Propel makes the Internet faster and better by allowing users to save money on mobile data plans and by enabling service providers to reduce the amount of data required to deliver content to their users. Since being founded in 1999 by Silicon Valley visionary and serial entrepreneur, Steve Kirsch, Propel has been providing best-in-class data reduction and acceleration technology that works on mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, satellite, fixed-wireless, DSL, cable, and dial-up Internet connections. Propel provides both on-premise and cloud-based service to hundreds of service providers globally and is available to millions of users.

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