Let Propel Save Mobile Data For You And Your Users

Consumers increasingly demand a better Internet experience. Whether on a home connection or mobile broadband device, they want more bandwidth-intensive content.

In fact, global Internet traffic has increased eightfold over the past five years, and is predicted to quadruple by 2015. This means managing data is critical not only for offering more attractive products but also for reducing the cost of providing network bandwidth.

How to Save Data Usage

The Propel Partner Program offers a variety of benefits for computer and mobile device makers, software developers and network operators. Integrating Propel data compression and acceleration technologies can help you to differentiate your products and improve profitability. For network operators, it can help you manage rapidly growing network traffic and control infrastructure costs. The unique Propel client-server architecture delivers a solution suited to even the most demanding network environments, while providing “last-mile” data reduction not possible with clientless solutions.

Laptop Manufacturers

Partnering with Propel means providing your customers with greater flexibility to market and sell your products. Products equipped with data-reducing technology are more attractive not only to end-users but also to retailers—who must attract end-user customers with differentiated products. This increased marketability means you turn over inventories faster and realize profits sooner.

Mobile Device Manufacturers

Partnering with Propel means your product instantly becomes “network-friendly,” which in turn makes it more appealing to Network Providers. Improved data handling also translates into greater sales and market penetration.

Software Developers

Partnering with Propel means you have the confidence that comes with knowing your software has the best data compression and data reduction engine on the market today. Best-in-class technology further increases your possibilities for product differentiation.

Mobile Operators

Advanced Propel data compression technologies can drastically reduce the amount of data traversing your network. Partnering with Propel means the ability to delay costly infrastructure upgrades while simultaneously providing better network performance. Lower operating costs and more satisfied customers translate into a better bottom-line.

Let Propel Satisfy Your Unique Needs

If our current solution doesn’t precisely match your needs, give Propel a call and discuss your requirements. Our staff and engineers are always looking for a challenge. The goal of the Propel Partner Program is to provide the best service and solutions necessary for mutual success.

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