Propel 7 – Less Data, More Speed

Propel 7 is the world's leading cloud-based data savings and acceleration service. For mobile broadband users, its advanced data reduction technology lets you get more Internet usage without hitting your data cap. Simple to install, it speeds Web browsing and email on all types of connections.

Reduce mobile & laptop data usage by up to 80%

Propel 7 for mobile broadband

Mobile broadband USB devices and personal Wi-Fi hotspots let you connect your laptop to the Internet wherever you go. But mobile operators typically put caps on how much data you can use. Now worry less about data caps while getting a faster Internet experience. Propel 7 dynamic compression technology cuts your data usage by up to 80%, depending on the type of website you browse. It’s fast and easy to install the software, and a performance meter even lets you see the data savings. Propel 7 works with any mobile broadband provider.


  • Up to 80% reduction in data usage
  • Faster Web performance on busy networks
  • Easy set-up
  • Works with any mobile broadband service
  • Performance meter shows your data savings

Try it today with a 14-day free trial.

Get the most speed out of broadband

Propel 7 for DSL users

High-speed Internet doesn’t always live up to its name. Broadband connections typically provide only a fraction of the maximum speed claimed by providers. Propel 7 brings out the full potential of your broadband connection. Once you download the Propel 7 software, you immediately enjoy faster Web browsing.

Propel 7 works with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP), requires no technical skills to install and operate, and will speed up your Internet browsing by as much as 5x depending on how and where you browse. In addition to giving your Web pages a speed boost, Propel 7 also reduces the amount of data downloaded by up to 80%. This saves you money if you are on a metered Internet access plan that charges by the amount of data you download.


  • Optimizes broadband connections
  • Best solution for international users requiring fast, direct access to U.S. websites
  • Loads heavy graphical content much faster
  • Easy set-up — No technical skills required
  • Works with your existing Internet service

Try it today with a 14-day free trial.

Faster Internet connections

Propel 7 for dial-up users

Tired of slow Web pages? Transform your current Internet connection with the industry’s leading data compression engine. Propel 7 acceleration service lets you browse the Web up to 25x faster on a dial-up connection.

Set-up is quick and easy, and Propel 7 works with your existing Internet service. You download Propel 7 to your PC or laptop so it works on any network connection—wherever you go. Even users who have fast broadband at home love Propel 7 when they travel to locations where dial-up is the only option.


  • Near DSL-speeds on dial-up connections
  • Up to 25 times faster Web and email performance
  • Proven technology used by millions worldwide
  • Easy set-up — No technical skills required
  • Works with your existing Internet service

Try it today with a 14-day free trial.